Kindergarten News:
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School closing update *as of 3/31/2020*

posted Mar 29, 2020, 9:02 AM by Jane McDonald   [ updated Mar 31, 2020, 2:03 PM ]

Governor DeWine made the announcement today to continue the order of schools to stay closed until May 1, which is a Friday. So as of now return date will be May 4.

Monday, April 6
th will be the drop off day for all work completed during the past three week period. All teachers will have work for their classes down in the cafeteria. Parents will need to do social distancing at the time of pickup. Ms. Lowe will be handing out the packets from the side door. Please be patient during this time. Pick. up will be from 8:30-12:30- All kindergarten students have packets to pick up. I am sending home all workbooks to make it easier for families to have the resources at home. Please, do not work ahead! We are planning to return to school on May 4th and will need those resources to complete our year. I am also sending home your child's chair pocket so that you can designate a certain area for school work. Keep all supplies and workbooks in the chair pocket. Thank you.

Home School Links

posted Mar 24, 2020, 6:10 AM by Jane McDonald   [ updated Apr 1, 2020, 5:51 AM ]

https://www.mobymax.com/oh4500  Mobymax sign in is the students firstname and first letter of their last name (johnz) and the password is res1
https://www.getepic.com/ Epic is an online library, which allows me to assign certain books for the students to read. They may also pick books that intrest them. 
https://student.freckle.com/#/login Freckle is a great way for students to practice their language arts and math skills. They receive coins for completing time on the site. Login using the students first and last name and our class code f27re4
https://digital.scholastic.com/#/signin This link will bring you to our Scholastic magazies we use in the classroom. Sign in as a student and use the classroom code ridehub7734

PBS Public Television

Hamilton County Library 


posted Aug 31, 2019, 6:50 PM by Jane McDonald   [ updated Apr 1, 2020, 5:53 AM ]

Kindergarten Weekly News

                                                            March 30, 2020                                                      

Hello Families, 

SPRING BREAK WEEK HAS CHANGED: Since we are unable to get back into school until the 7th of April, and the students will be in school for only two days, the break will be from April 6th-13th. Returning to school on the 14th

We are in week three of the stay at home order. I am pleased to see many of the students logging in to freckle and MobyMax. This is a great way for the students to get practice reading and working on their math facts. 

You will be able to drop off completed work packets this week. I will have other work packets for the students ready for the extended days out. 

Try to keep a normal school schedule. Make a chart to help. This week I have set up a link to our Journeys reading series. I have to be logged in for the link to work. I will have the link active (fingers crossed) from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Make sure your child is on line between these times to complete their reading work. 

To access the site go to scholastic.com/classroom password ridehug7734

We will also be using Freckle for reading and math practice. Login information has been provided. 

I have added several Religion lessons to our packets. There is a QR code you can scan for parent resources with our Promise Magazine. 

I will be available via email at jmcdonald@resurrectionschool.org. I will also be using googleclassroom for assignments and for parents to be able to access schoolwork. 

List of classwork from March 16-April 3. As of now, we will be back at school on April 6th. 

March 17th-April 3rd.   Packets are due back to school on Monday April 6th

Week 1 (This should already be completed)

-Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

- Leprechaun number dot-to-dot (working with numbers 1-52)

-St. Patrick's Day Word Search (looking at the way words are spelled and finding them)

-Pot of gold worksheet

-Math Ch. 4 lesson 5 problem solving and homework

- math skills worksheets (2)

-boggle word builders, use list 1 to build at least five or more words from the letters given. glue the words on the paper provided. 

Week 2 (March 23-March 28)    This should already be completed

-Color the word family use green for -at words, blue for -ig words, red for -et words, and yellow for -op words

-life cycle of a frog, Let's Find Out Magazine go to Scholastic.com and use the code ridehug7734

-put the life cycle of the frog in order using your rainbow string.

-Show what you know comprehension page

-ordering numbers 1-20 (math practice)

-Math Ch. 4 lesson 6 compose numbers 8 & 9 and the homework sheet

-boggle word builders page 2

*just added* Read a story about spring, draw a picture and write a sentence about your story. Make sure to use capital letters correctly, space between words, and end marks.

Week 3

-Weather watch: observe the weather for 1 week, record your observations (worksheet)

***This will be a good week to watch the weather****

-Draw the forecast: Read the forecast then, draw what the weather will look like outside. (worksheet)

- Math Ch. 4 lesson 7 decompose 8 & 9 and the homework sheet

-Boggle word builders page 3

-My Big World: A Teeny Tiny Nest login to scholastic.com password- ridehug7734

Our learning this week

I am just hoping we all get through this pandemic and life gets back to normal.  Parents, you are doing an amazing job. My kindergarten parents rock, thank you!

Week 4  (April 6-10th)

My Big World- Flower Power, I have added the lesson plan to the other side of the worksheet. If you can, try the hands on fun Science activities. 

Measure the flowers-use your ruler. Have mom or dad take a picture of you measuring flowers/plants in the yard. Send the picture to jmcdonald@resurrectionschool.org

Easter activities: Find the signs of Easter, Rabbit Hop addition, How to decorate an Easter writing activity, Connect the dots: count by 5’s to 50, Story starter-If the Easter Bunny Got Sick…..

Watch a seed grow- You have a flower pot, seed and paper towel. Wet the paper towel and place the seed in the folds of the towel. Hang your flowerpot bag in a sunny window. keep the towel moist and watch your seed grow. 

Week 5 (April 13-17 and beyond, if needed. Parents, pace your child, its not a race. I have included enough work to keep them busy.)

Your child's Let's Find Out lessons are in their new packet. Please have them work on one of the lessons each week. There are 4, The worksheets and directions are included.

I have our workbooks ready to go home just in case we are out longer than an extended week. 

My Big World: Earth Day April 22nd Help the Environment, Parents- I have added the lesson plan to the other side of the Earth Day activity. Sort the recycling items. If you can, try the hands-on activities. 

Simple Solution: please complete one lesson a day to keep skills fresh ( six problems a day) Parents-read the directions at the bottom of the page exactly as they are written. This will help the students with their math vocabulary. Start with lesson # 38

My Math Volume 1: Am I Ready and Check My Progress- Please take a picture of the child’s work and send it to me via email. Read the questions as they are stated. This will give me an idea of their understanding of the concept. Complete 2 lessons a week in My Math workbook.  

If your child has the Superkids series, work on at least 2-3 pages per day-The books are numbered. Complete them in order. (Journeys notebook is for extra language, sight words, and letter work)

Promise Magazine(Religion)- Complete one lesson a week.  These lessons are dated and they follow the Bible reading each Sunday.

I have also sent home our Social Studies booklets- Many of these concepts have been studied throughout the year. The only concepts we still need to cover are maps and globes there is some map work added to the Eath Day Let's Find Out.


Welcome to Kindergarten

posted Aug 20, 2019, 4:53 PM by Jane McDonald

Mrs. McDonald, Classroom Teacher jmcdonald@resurrectionschool.org

Mrs. Kraemer, Classroom Assistant Teacher

Sr. Juliette, Classroom Volunteer 

Ms. Cindy, Classroom Volunteer

Office number: (513)471-6600 Fax number: (513)471-2610

Dear Families, 

I would like to welcome you and your child to our kindergarten class. We are very excited to get the year started. Our first day of school is August 27, 2019. School doors open at 7:30AM, before that time there is no one here to supervise your child. We dismiss at 2:25 PM. All walkers and car riders are picked up at the rear of school on First Ave. Bus riders will be at the front entrance of school on Iliff Ave. If there is a change to your pickup for your child you must call the office so we can make arrangements. 

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