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    February 11, 2020                                                      

Hello Families, 

    This is a big celebration week for kindergarten. Tuesday is our 100th Day of school. If you have not turned in your 100 items, please have them in by tomorrow. We will be displaying them in the classroom. 

    I will be at a professional development on Wednesday February 12th. I will be at UC learning about STEM activities to incorporate into our lessons. Mrs. Kreamer, Sister Juliette, and Ms. Cindy will be with the students while I am gone. 

    On Thursday we will celebrate Valentine’s Day. I have sent home a list of the students in our classroom. Addressing Valentines is part of your child’s homework this week. If your child needs Valentine cards please send in a note so I can send some home with your child. The students may bring in a small treat like candy, cookie, or a small cupcake. Keep it simple. 

    We are off school this Friday for Professional Development for teachers and next Monday for Presidents Day. 


Thanks for sharing your child, 

Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Kraemer

Our learning this week

Reading Objective: Students will recognize upper and lower case letters, understand reading works from top to bottom, left to right review letters Cc,Oo,Aa,Dd, Gg,Mm,Ll, Ss, Ii, Hh,Tt, Pp,Jj, Kk,Uu, Bb, Rr, Nn, Ff, Ee, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy, and Zz. Recognize our sight words and use them in our writing. If you need another sight word list please let me know. We have been working on list A. Write a sentence  using a capital letter, spaces between words, and an endmark. 

Math Objective: explore numbers beyond 10 (read/recognize, count up to 100, group objects to 20). Read and extend AB, ABB, AABB, and ABC patterns. Look at groups of objects that are equal, greater than or less than.  Adding one more or one less to a group of objects to 20. Use ten frames to show “how many?”  Count by 10’s and 5’s. Begin to compose and decompose numbers. 

Science Objective: Animals are waking up, Spring is on the way. We will study jobs that involve science. 

Health: covering our sneeze, keeping our hands clean with soap and water, not sharing objects that contain germs. Healthy foods, brushing our teeth, getting plenty of sleep. 

Social Studies: Continue our discussion about character building and our treatment of others.  Following school rules, and Celebrations-  100th Day, Valentines Day, President’s Day, and Black History Month.

Religion: Learn our prayers, attend all school mass. Read stories about Jesus. Learn about the two commandments that Jesus wants us to follow, Show kindness. Learn about Jesus and his disciples.


Welcome to Kindergarten

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Mrs. McDonald, Classroom Teacher jmcdonald@resurrectionschool.org

Mrs. Kraemer, Classroom Assistant Teacher

Sr. Juliette, Classroom Volunteer 

Ms. Cindy, Classroom Volunteer

Office number: (513)471-6600 Fax number: (513)471-2610

Dear Families, 

I would like to welcome you and your child to our kindergarten class. We are very excited to get the year started. Our first day of school is August 27, 2019. School doors open at 7:30AM, before that time there is no one here to supervise your child. We dismiss at 2:25 PM. All walkers and car riders are picked up at the rear of school on First Ave. Bus riders will be at the front entrance of school on Iliff Ave. If there is a change to your pickup for your child you must call the office so we can make arrangements. 

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