School closing classwork

Week 1 March 17th-20th
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
- Leprechaun number dot-to-dot (working with numbers 1-52)
-St. Patrick's Day Word Search (looking at the way words are spelled and finding them)
-Pot of gold worksheet
-Math Ch. 4 lesson 5 problem solving and homework
- math skills worksheets (2)
-boggle word builders, use list 1 to build at least five or more words from the letters given. glue the words on the paper provided. 

Week 2 March 23rd-28th
-Color the word family use green for -at words, blue for -ig words, red for -et words, and yellow for -op words
-life cycle of a frog, Let's Find Out Magazine go to and use the code ridehug7734
-put the life cycle of the frog in order using your rainbow string.
-Show what you know comprehension page
-ordering numbers 1-20 (math practice)
-Math Ch. 4 lesson 6 compose numbers 8 & 9 and the homework sheet
-boggle word builders page 2

March 30th-April 3rd
-Weather watch: observe the weather for 1 week, record your observations (worksheet)
-Draw the forecast: Read the forecast then, draw what the weather will look like outside. (worksheet)
- Math Ch. 4 lesson 7 decompose 8 & 9 and the homework sheet
-Boggle word builders page 3
-My Big World: A Teeny Tiny Nest login to password- ridehug7734